There are a variety of van deadlock kits available on the market. The L4V van deadlock kit is door specific and eliminates corrosion issues. The Slick Locks Spinner van deadlock kit eliminates corrosion problems. Other types of van deadlock kits include the Slick Locks Hasp and the Lock Dog. This article examines the differences between these two types. I hope this article can assist you in deciding what type of deadlock kit for your van is right for your vehicle.

L4V van deadlock kits are vehicle door specific

L4V van deadlocks are made specifically for specific vehicles and include all the fittings and fixings needed to put them in place. You can also get an expert to install them. Van deadlocks, which are mechanical devices that attach to vehicle doors, work by inserting a bolt into a receiver and then attaching it to the opposite body section. These devices are intended designed for the use of the owner-driver. These kits include all the hardware and fittings required for installation, van deadlock kits including instructions. These locks are strong and have satin nickel plating to provide extra security.

L4V van deadlock kits are door-specific and vehicle specific, with detailed instructions. The instructions provide points for the center of the lock on the outside and inside of the door. To install the lock, you’ll require a T-Series punch. This punch is affordable and can be purchased at L4V for van deadlock kits around 500 jobs. After you have installed the lock, install an armour plate and secure it using a locknut.

L4V van deadlock kits are vehicle-door specific. The kits come with all the necessary fittings and illustrations instructions. The kits are car-door specific and require at least one hour to install. The process of installing them for most vans will take approximately an hour. The L4V van deadlock kits are door-to-vehicle specific and require a L4V hole punch. Van owners will appreciate the L4V deadlock kits as they are consumable.

Slick Locks Spinner eliminates corrosion problems

Slick Locks Blade van deadlocks were designed to increase security in various applications. They are compatible with Ford Transit Connect and E series vans from 1992 to present. For the most secure locking system, choose one that has a laser-cut slider lock. A Puck Lock, or van dead locks another kind of deadlock for vehicles is an option for vans that do not have this feature.

Slick Locks Blade van deadlocks keep corrosion at bay by preventing the formation of rust within the lock’s internal mechanisms. The Blade does not require drilling unlike standard hockey puck hasps. The parts fit into factory holes, removing corrosion issues. The Blade is made of stainless steel, which is nearly indestructible. Its design keeps deadlock inside the strengthened area of the door unlike other hockey pucks that place the deadlock on the body surface.

Slick Locks also offers spinner van deadlock kits. These lock kits are installed to the factory mounting points and remove corrosion issues. These lock kits include high-quality Puck Locks that are ideal for protecting precious cargo in vans. They eliminate corrosion problems and maintain the value of your vehicle. They are made to fit around the majority of popular puck lock models. They are available in sliding door and 60/40 hinged door models.

Most Slick Locks products are produced by Arizona Key Guys, which has a strong relationship with the company. Slick Locks products are also available on Amazon. These trusted dealers can assist you in finding the right product. They are available on Amazon and Bird Ladder & Equipment. The company is also known for providing Slick Locks products.

Lock Dog is a van deadlock kit

A Van Deadlock Kit (VDS) is an excellent way to safeguard your vehicle from being stolen. The lock is an integral component of the door of your van and the Lock Dog is a great way to prevent theft by providing a visual deterrent. Lock Dog is simple to use and permanently fixed to the door of your van. It will stop thieves from getting access to your vehicle without your key. One of the major advantages of using a VDS is that it has an ‘Always Locked’ design, meaning you won’t have to look for your keys or worry about not locking your vehicle.

Another effective method to deter thieves is by installing the gear lock in your vehicle. The primary reason for the visual deterrent of gear locks is their ability to stop thieves from leaving within your vehicle. They attach to the gear stick or handbrake and a burglar won’t be able to escape in your van without your consent. Gear locks are easy to install and can be purchased at a reasonable price. Alternatively, you could employ window alarms. Window alarms made of magnetic are affordable and simple to use. The Lock Dog is a good alternative if you’re traveling in campervans.

In addition to deadlocks and deadlocks, the Signal Blocking Box will allow you to keep your van’s fob away from home. You can also use a faraday bag to deter people from trying to use your card while moving. Another method of deterring thieves is to etch one-of-a-kind codes into the windows of your van. These codes can be connected to all UK Police Forces which makes it easier to trace your vehicle in the event of theft.

Slick Locks Hasp is van hook lock

The Slick Locks Hasp stainless steel locking hasp system eliminates drilling and corrosion. It is easy to mount in the factory holes. The stainless steel components are solid and resistant to rust, and unlike regular hockey puck hasps The Slick Locks Blade can be used in vans equipped with cargo doors. The kit comes with both brackets and a blade for cargo doors.

The Slick Locks Blade is made of two pieces and compatible with various truck models. It is made for Ford E-series vans from 1992 to present, GM Express/GMC Savana vans from 1997-present and Ford Transit Connect vans from 2010 until now. Its patent design makes it impossible to use without authorization, and protects the vehicle as well as its contents.

Slick Locks hasps made of stainless steel come with a key etched with Al Van’s name on the front. Once installed the Slick Locks Hasp works by inserting the key into the lock. The key will be locked the same way as the vehicle and lock. The key is then pulled to one side, and the puck will be placed in its place. The brackets that are on either side of the door are intended to support the Hook and the Hasp.

Slick Locks has also developed the Spinner 360, which slides around popular puck lock models. The spinner’s mechanism for retention prevents the lock from being altered with. It also has a keyway access hole that makes it easy to unlock the vehicle. The puck lock covers are weatherproof and protect the keyway from dirt and other debris. The Weather Shield can also be used to prevent unauthorised entry into your van.

The Slick Locks Spinner shields your lock from being altered with

The Slick Locks Spinner 360 is a replacement puck lock. These locks have an extra slip ring for security and protection. To prevent the lock from being cut off by spinners, they turn it into an angular bearing. They can be purchased as a separate item or with the Slick Locks Weather Shield for added protection. The weather shield can be used alongside both Slick Locks and other locking mechanisms.

The Slick Locks Hasp locking hasp system is the only one that does not require drilling. It prevents rust and Van deadlock kits corrosion. It has blade brackets that are specifically designed for each vehicle’s model and make. The Blade Brackets are connected on the door to create the receiving hasp , which is used to secure the cylinder lock. No matter the door’s configuration, the Slick Locks Spinner protects valuable cargo from theft.


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