Author: Wormald

"Why?" Aware that something was wrong with Su Zhi Ning, Shen Ze asked with concern. Nothing. Su Zhi blurted out indifferently, "doesn't your Highness believe in Haner?" "Believe." Shen Ze did not think about it, but said two simple words. Su Zhi Ning smiled with relief and thought no more. On second thought, today this play came suddenly, although they have been very hard in the play, but Shen Han will really believe it? Su Zhi Ning told Shen Ze the doubts in her heart, how many worries she had in her heart, whether she could help Shen Ze escape this time? "I'm afraid that won't do." Shen Ze pursed his lips and thought for a moment, beckoning Su Zhi Ning to come over. Su Zhi Ning doubtfully put his ear to the past, carefully put every word of Shen Ze's account in mind. After that, Su Zhi Ning arranged people, according to Shen Ze's plan, to spread out the matter of his serious illness, and in a few days, many officials in the court knew about it. Therefore, Shen Han's plan to arrange Shen Ze to send troops can only be wasted. Su Zhi Ning is a little lucky. Fortunately, the play of these days is not in vain. Later, she learned from Zhanfei that Shen Han did not want to give up the idea, but all the ministers in the court knew about Shen Ze's serious illness, and he could not go his own way. Even the emperor can't order the patient. Su Zhi Ning finally can rest assured, at least now it seems that there is no need to worry about Shen Ze on the battlefield. Although Shen Han has given up the idea, but considering the play to do a full set,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, Shen Ze had to be patient, just lying in bed for several days. In her spare time, Su Zhi Ning began to learn embroidery. Although needlework can be said to be a necessary craft for her daughter's family, Su Zhi Ning has no interest in it since childhood. At home, her mother did not force her to study, so she had never embroidered before. Miss, are you embroidering? Yuxiu came in from outside the house and saw Su Zhi Ning holding the embroidery, carrying the needle and thread in one hand, very attentive. Yes Su Zhi Ning answered carelessly,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, paying all her attention to the needle and thread at hand. Yuxiu went to Su Zhi Ning's side and took a look. Su Zhi Ning lifted the sleeve a little, slender white fingers holding the embroidery needle, in the embroidery cloth to identify the position, the needle poked down. Yuxiu has not seen her own young lady so seriously for a long time, but also in embroidery. Since the injury at the Lantern Festival, my young lady has never embroidered again. So today to see Su Zhi Ning actually in embroidery, Yuxiu instead feel some novelty. Perhaps it has not been embroidered for a long time, Yuxiu can clearly see that her craftsmanship has regressed a lot, whether patterns or words, are not as good as before, the stitches are also very rough. In spite of this, Yuxiu nodded appreciatively and said, "The young lady is really good at embroidering. This pair of ducks is lifelike." However, when Su Zhi Ning heard this, she stopped her movements and looked up blankly at Yuxiu. Yuxiu was startled and closed her lips tightly and dared not speak. Did you say the wrong thing? With disbelief in her eyes, Su Zhi Ning asked slowly, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, "Can't you see that what I embroidered is a Mandarin duck?" "Mandarin ducks?" Yuxiu couldn't hold back her laughter and said without thinking, "How can a Mandarin duck's mouth be so long.." Then he immediately realized that he had crossed the line and quickly covered his mouth. Chapter 54 tracking. Su Zhi Ning immediately discouraged, casually put the embroidery stretch together with the needle and thread on the table, no longer move them. It seems that she is still not suitable for this. Su Zhi Ning began to regret that she had not followed her mother to learn embroidery at home. Knowing that she had said the wrong thing, Yuxiu walked gingerly to the back of Su Zhi Ning. She raised her hands and pinched Su Zhi Ning's shoulders. She coaxed her with kind words: "Don't be discouraged, Miss!"! Without embroidery for so long, it is normal for the craftsmanship to regress. Yuxiu freed one hand to pick up the embroidery and looked at it from both sides. Afraid that she wouldn't believe it, she opened her sparkling eyes and said to Su Zhi Ning, "Really!"! Miss is very good at embroidering. It was Yuxiu's clumsy eyes that made him look like a duck at first sight. "Actually, if you look at it carefully, it's still like a Mandarin duck!" As Yuxiu spoke, her fingertips rubbed the two Mandarin duck patterns on the embroidered cloth, and she raised her eyes and giggled twice at Su Zhi Ning, but what she got was Su Zhi Ning's face without waves. "Miss don't do this," if you can, Yuxiu really want to just did not think through the brain to swallow back two words, really no way, simply directly change the subject, "ah, Miss how to want to embroider?" "I want to embroider a purse." Su Zhi congeals the double eye to shine, is looking forward to very much, think of Yu Xiu's words on second thought, wilted down again. That's good! Yuxiu took Su Zhi Ning's hand and forcibly tried to put the embroidery back into her hand, but Su Zhi Ning was as powerless as if she didn't grasp what Yuxiu had handed over, "Miss, continue to embroider!" Yuxiu seemed to think of something. She bent over to Su Zhi Ning's ear and asked in a low voice, "Miss, do you want to give it to Your Highness?" "Who said that?" Su Zhi Ning's voice immediately raised a lot, repeatedly denied, "I." Why should I give it to him? See Su Zhi Ning words are not sharp, Yuxiu covered his face and smiled, the heart is naturally clear. Since it's for your Highness, how can you give up halfway? Say, regardless of Su Zhi Ning does not accept, Yuxiu directly put the embroidery on her hand, then encouraged a "refueling" and walked out of the house. Su Zhi Ning secretly took a glance at the outside, saw Yuxiu far away, lowered his head to pick up the embroidery, and re-pinched the needle and thread to concentrate on embroidering. Not long after, someone knocked at the door, Su Zhi Ning put down the things in her hand and walked quickly to the door to open the door, and saw Zhanfei standing outside the door. Zhanfei's forehead was obviously covered with beads of sweat, his chest was undulating, and he was still gasping for breath, as if he had just returned from a travel-stained journey outside, and he was very anxious. Girl, your Highness, please. "What's the matter?" Although Shen Ze is sick to the outside world these days, he is still busy with his affairs, and Su Zhi seldom disturbs him. Now he let the exhibition fly to come, and see the exhibition fly face is different from the past, it seems that something happened. Su Zhi Ning's worried eyes looked faintly at Zhan Fei,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, waiting for his later text. The humble position is not very clear, only know that your Highness seems to be helping the girl to investigate something, there is something to show the girl. 。