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Kui secretly scolded in his heart, and at the same time his thunder sword had been completely sacrificed. Boom, boom.. The thunder sword has played dozens of thunder sword arc, these thunder sword arc add up to the thickness of the bucket, but in the face of the terrible light blue robbery thunder, it is useless, just a face-to-face time, dozens of thunder arc sword was scattered by the robbery thunder. Fortunately, after the two attacks, the killing machine and ferocity of the thunder robbery were no longer as terrible as they had just come down. But even so, the power is still amazing. Boom.. There was another loud explosion, and the rest of the thunderbolt completely hit the eight-pole tripod. Kui's eight-pole tripod immediately sent out a'buzzing 'vibration sound, and was hit by robbery thunder and flew thousands of meters away. But at this time rob thunder still has not been offset, the rest of the light blue rob thunder thunder arc is completely fell on the body, there is no half a minute of deviation. (To be continued) Chapter 1315 the power of truth. .. co The tearing sound of "Kaka" sounded, and the armor of the lower part of the upper body was all torn, and at the same time, the flesh and blood of the body were also beaten and blackened. Kui crazy spurted a mouthful of blood, but did not take out the elixir to heal the wound, but will'Sansheng Jue 'run to the extreme, he was beaten so miserable, but even half of the thunder source did not absorb,Small Dc Gear Motor, if he did not seize the time to absorb the thunder source of the thunder robbery into true, the next wave of thunder robbery, he is dead. The few thunder plunder sources were completely absorbed by him. At this moment, he felt his true yuan soaring again. At this time, he did not hesitate at all. He took out a'true Luo Dan 'again and swallowed it. At the same time, he absorbed the spirit in the spiritual vein crazily. This is not to mention, he also took out the remaining two fairy crystals desperately to absorb the spirit of the fairy. Repair to rise and rise again.. At this time, he was already beginning to rejoice. Fortunately, he had used the best spirit vein instead of the spirit stone before,gear reduction motor, otherwise he would not have had time to arrange the gathering spirit array. The reason for the crazy absorption of Reiki and Lei yuan, even at the expense of wasting two fairy crystals, that is, he knew that he should have been robbed by thunder. If he can't be promoted to the real level in the shortest time, he can only wait for death. Although the cultivation is constantly rising and rising, the distance is still a little bit. By this time, the sky had changed color again, and the pale blue sky had turned dark gray. The second thunder plunder has not yet come down, that kind of terrible depression and murder has already enveloped the heart of Kui. The first thunder robbed almost all the means out, in addition to the'purple 'did not sacrifice, he has no back hand. At this time instead calm down, he is the first time to meet this kind of thunder robbery, before the thunder robbery there are all kinds of situations, not to mention, and the first robbery thunder unexpectedly only a thunder arc. He didn't know how many thunder arcs there were in the second thunder. In any case, Vending Machine Motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, he had to survive the second thunder arc. If he is really facing death, he would rather not be promoted to be true, but also hide in the small world. But what he was afraid of was that when the time came, he would be locked by the thunder robbery and would not even be able to get into the small world. Kaka.. There were several more explosions, and gray lightning flashed in the air. Almost at the same time as the lightning flashed, he offered up three shields of the lower product, and at the same time, he wore a piece of armor of the lower product. He doesn't have much else now, but he has a lot of real products. Boom, boom.. Two gray lightning bolts fell faster than the first one. These two thunder arcs are thicker, faster and more powerful than the first one. Kui believed that he was crossing the robbery, and if it were another monk, it would be under such power. There is no fighting spirit. But he is different, he has been practicing under the'bitter bamboo 'all the year round, using the spirit of immortals, although this kind of power presses people, but he is happy and fearless. This kind of speed and power, if not prepared, he may not be able to pass the second wave of thunder robbery. Click, click.. After a series of clicks. The shields of the three lower products offered by Kui were completely shattered by the robbery mine. Because the three real objects had been prepared before they were sacrificed, although they were completely smashed by the robbery thunder, the effect was much better than the first time. The two light gray thunder, which was thicker than the bucket, did not stop falling at all, and the thunder sword came out with all its strength. More than fifty black thunder arc swords and two robbery mines collided together, like stones falling into the middle of the lake and disappearing. Kui, however, did not change color at all, and the eight-pole tripod went up without hesitation, and at the same time offered a'purple '. Being prepared and not being prepared are two different things. The eight-pole tripod collided with two thunder arcs, and the gray thunder was overflowing. The eight-pole tripod was again hit by two lightning arcs and flew thousands of meters away. The Baji tripod was struck by a thunderbolt, and he spurted a mouthful of blood again because of the shock, but his'purple 'had already collided with a purple rainbow and two thunderbolts that had been blocked three times. Kaka "" Is a sound of the explosion, split in the gray thunder arc'purple 'purple rainbow overflowing, scattered to stimulate the open. Without waiting to take back the'purple ', the remaining two remnants of thunder fell on him. Armor shattered again, and flesh and blood flew again. He could even hear the breaking and crushing of his bones, but instead of healing, he absorbed the gray thunder source crazily again. When the color of the sky darkened again, suddenly there was a long roar, and his true yuan had reached a critical point. With his long roar, the two fairy crystals in his hands broke at the same time. Powerful momentum gushed out from his body, and the long roar was endless. Click, click, click.. Countless soft sounds came from his body, and his bones, which had just been broken by the thunder, healed in an instant, and his meridians were completely connected at the same time. That kind of powerful feeling, let Kui just want the next wave of thunder to come faster,12v High Torque Motor, he knew that he was already a true monk after the second thunder robbery. After going through three thunder arcs, he was promoted to be true. He said that others would not believe it, and even he himself would not believe it.