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The next morning, the four girls got into the company's nanny car on time and went to the video store of Longfu Department Store, a shopping mall in Donghua District, Mingan City. Konglan Entertainment did not have any additional requirements, as long as they set up two tables in the open space on the left side of the entrance of Longfu Department Store. Anyway, just after the celebration of Longfu Department Store, there were no promotional activities, so they did a favor to lend the open space that did not affect customers'access to Konglan Entertainment. The broker Mingxi and assistant Chen Chen, and the security guard Qi Tao of Konglan Entertainment personally went to battle and arranged several one-man-high posters, while the four girls of Scarlet Sky also went to battle in person. Move the table, move the chair, lay the tablecloth. The security guards and salesmen of Longfu Department Store looked at the empty blue entertainment with a sneer, and could not help but gather together, a burst of sarcasm, "Cut!"! How dare these people say they are stars? I've never seen a star who has to move a table! Relying on his beautiful face, he wants to be a big star. He really doesn't know what's good for him! I don't know what kind of bitch you are. How many people have you slept with? "Yes!"! Namely! What dirty star? It's not porn, is it? A group of things that don't know the depth of heaven and earth, is it really so easy to be a star? The hair hasn't grown up yet. It's like learning to be a star? I'd like to see if someone comes back to buy their album today! Listening to their dirty and dirty slander, Qiao Moyue and Ye Fengwu wanted to rush to argue with them several times, but without exception,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, they were stopped by Xue Ge and Lin Ruoxi, and the word "endure" almost made Qiao Moyue cry. Everyone's attitude towards the four girls, without exception, is contempt and ridicule. The light ones are ready to watch the fun, while the heavy ones are cynical, making the four girls stumble and find fault. The second watch. During the new book period, ask for tickets,wire nail making machine, ask for collection ~ ~ ~ ~ Chapter 27 Approaching ten o'clock, the scene of the book signing was finally arranged with the cooperation of five people. Chen Chen, a part-time makeup artist, carried the four girls to the bathroom. After changing clothes and simply putting on makeup, the four girls put on white and refreshing sun hats and walked out in a big way. When four lovely girls dressed in light pink sailor clothes came out of the bathroom, the whole business hall on the first floor was silent. Many salesmen and customers gaped at the crimson sky behind Chen Chen. Hot eyes let the scarlet sky proudly raised his head, four people walk side by side on the marble floor, that lovely and sweet face let everyone completely into this unmatched pink trap! Are these really the four humble girls just now?! Why is there such a big gap before and after! "Ruo Xi.." Qiao Moyue whispered, "I'm a little scared..". In case we can't sell it today. What to do? Lin Ruoxi held back the uneasiness in his heart and comforted him by saying, "Don't worry!"! Moyue, even if you have no confidence in yourself, do you still have no confidence in the singing of snow songs? Her singing is so good, your dancing is so good, let us perform in the open air! By me and the snow song, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Nail Making Machine price, the scarlet sky will definitely succeed! "Well!" Qiao Moyue answered softly, "I have confidence in you and Snow Song!" Under the gaze of the crowd, the scarlet sky walked up the red carpet at the door, turned around directly, sat on the chair at the door, the table in front of him was empty, there were two hundred albums and some posters on the table next to him, each of the four girls had a lovely signature pen in their hands, and behind them was a tall poster. Above are the four pink girls in the scarlet sky in this album. The four invincible and lovely young girls attracted a lot of people's attention. Several customers asked Chen Chen for a few posters of the scarlet sky. They were ready to go home and look at them. They left directly. As for the album on the side, even though there was a scarlet sky, none of them were sold! See this kind of scene, Mingxi helpless smile, it seems, Publicity Department the second group did not complete the task in the prescribed time, today is afraid to work in vain.. Just when a few people were sitting awkwardly and bored, suddenly the opposite Meida Department Store became lively. At the entrance of Meida Department Store, a temporary stage was set up with perfect sound equipment. The background poster behind it was several beautiful beauties. There were also five beautiful women standing on the stage, dressed sexy and beautiful. Many people gathered there to watch. Suddenly, the stereo sounded, and five beautiful women sang a love song, which attracted more people to watch. Now this situation is really ridiculous. In this respect, there are few customers in Longfu Department Store, which is in charge of the crimson sky. On the opposite side, there are many people watching, which is very lively. There are even a few reporters taking pictures below. Seeing these five beauties, Lin Ruoxi suddenly stagnated slightly and whispered, "True Dance, True Snow, True Moon, look, it's really a coincidence that we are old friends opposite!" Snow song raised his head, looked carefully and sneered, "It's really a narrow road for enemies. It's the kissing girls of Shengyang Entertainment, Chen Yiman, Han Yuying, Sun Xiaozhen, Ying Huaxin and Fu Jiayu. They are five.". Shengyang Entertainment is really willing to throw money at them, and now not only the debut, but also the release of the album, but.. At their level. How about the level of the album? It's just a bunch of garbage! Seeing them, Ye Fengwu was obviously excited. "How is it?"? Zhenxue, Zhenmi, Zhenyue, do you need to trouble them? Not only snow song, Lin Ruoxi,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, even Qiao Moyue rolled his eyes, "Now is not the time!"! Don't we go up now and wait to be looked down upon by them? While the four girls were chattering and commenting on the kissing girls opposite, a few little boys who were obviously students came over with a little shyness and stood not far away peeking at the four girls. They were very shy and wanted to come over at the same time.