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She unfolded the folding fan in her hand, had an idea in her mind, and called softly, "Xiaolou." The neutral beauty entered the door and saluted, "Chuchu, Mr. Su, what do you want?" "It was the first time you went on stage in the theatre that day. Did you sing only for me?" She asked with a smile. Yes He replied respectfully. The second young master of the Ling family likes to listen to the opera. I really want to meet him one day. She looked up at the ceiling. "Yes, bring Zhiyuan." When San Shao hurried into the door, what he saw was such a scene. Chu Chu was leaning on the couch, and the little meat ball was sticking to her side. Naturally, he was stunned. She smiled and touched the head of the meat ball. "Be good. My mother wants my father to whisper something. How about going to play with my sister for a while?" The meat ball pouted and was reluctantly taken away by the maid who entered the door. She looked at San Shao, and her voice was as calm as it had been at the beginning. "I don't seem to be at ease with San Shao, who is far away from me." He stood there in silence. You're too defensive. Just in time to ask you, I'm going to meet your second brother. Say hello to you in advance, and don't forget what you should pay attention to. He considered half of the salary, "I measure the heart of a gentleman with the heart of a villain." "Human nature." She interrupted, "I understand.". I'm not going to do whatever it takes. She looked at him again. "Yes, Zhiyuan's surname is Xiao now." What she promised San Shao has all been fulfilled. The rest is up to him in return. Three little is a personal essence, immediately understand. There was some gratitude and shyness on her face, and she looked at it with a sense of joy. In the evening, it is rare for a family to sit together for dinner. She always has a good appetite. The beauty's mother looked at her for a long time and asked,Magnesium Sulphate price, "Look at your appetite recently, don't you have it?" Two fathers and a brother were glued to her face at the same time. Xiaolou three less two did not have the reality of her husband and wife, the natural eyes of the brush brush of the Su beauty. Su Meiren blushed. She raised her eyebrows and winked. "Mother, probably not." After that, she continued to eat her meal. Take a shower, stay in bed and wait for the Sumerians. Wang Ye's mother suddenly entered the door, so fast that she didn't even have time to give a long command. She raised her hand and motioned that she didn't have to get out of bed to salute, but she opened her mouth coldly,Magnesium Oxide powder, "Chuchu, I don't care who you like.". But my first granddaughter must not have the blood of the Su family. With that, he turned and walked away. A few minutes later, Su Meiren walked up to her with a pale little face and whispered, "Chuchu, you might as well go to the courtyard of Ling Childe or Lou Childe these days." Just now Wang Ye's mother's words, he absolutely listened to a full ear, a word did not fall. Poison III With a disapproving look on her face, she smiled and stretched out her arms to the Sumerian. "Second brother." He pursed his lips, walked over, and held her firmly in his arms. Since her marriage, she has been very gentle to him, and her tone and attitude are better than ever. His father died young, a brilliant brother, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,Magnesium Oxide price, almost no one noticed his brilliance, he had to hide in the corner, hoping to try to keep his own small world. The woman in front of him, his wife, sometimes makes him feel very strange, can laugh like that, back and forth, can not control himself. And he has always yearned for that warm feeling that seems to be innate. In case there is, let San Shao admit it first. Hook his neck, she said lightly. With the proportion that one third of the men in the world can only sow but not germinate, she is not particularly sure that the Sumerians belong to that two thirds. But this kind of words, of course, can only rot in the stomach, death can not be said. Men care most about three things, hair, height and the ability to circle. The Sumerian has nothing to say about the first two items, and the last one, it's better not to explicitly question whether he has a problem. "What about the birthmark on the forehead? Can it be fake?" He asked. Polyandry will inevitably lead to the problem that children can not distinguish their fathers. Human beings, the higher animals, can use tools and have appropriate countermeasures. After boys are born, they use special paints to draw patterns in secret places, while noble boys are mostly marked with flowers. When they grow up and get married in the future, if they are their children, they will have the same pattern as their father on their foreheads, which is a "birthmark" and gradually disappears when the child is about one year old. When your Majesty read this in the book, he suspected that he had slept with the Sumerians for nearly three months, and had not seen this magical mark on him, so he thought it was not easy to show it to others. Today, I specially took the words to test, and the Sumerians were really honest and followed the pole. She blinked her eyes, "Second Brother." The Sumerian immediately surrendered, put her on the bed, quietly lifted her long hair, turned her back to her, pointed his right finger at the lower end of his neck, Dazhui acupoint, and followed his finger with a fingernail-sized dark red orchid. She went up and wiped it with her finger to make sure that the quality was good and the color did not fade. He turned around. "The lotus flower on your forehead didn't fade until you were ten years old." This is the origin of referring to her as a lotus flower. But "I am Su Tianxiao's daughter," these words were originally clear for ten years. She always felt that it was not a glorious thing, but she could understand why her father loved her so much. She patted him on the face. "I can't even decide who I like."? Anyway, my mother can't treat me worse. But I'm a little worried that she won't like you. He smiled and changed the subject lightly. "Have you arranged everything for Mr. Lou?" She lay down, "Xiaolou went to sing for a few days first, and when he became famous in the capital, it was not too late to appear.". The second young master of the Ling family is a drama fanatic, and non-famous actors are not present. "You said hello to Mr. Ling." "Mmm." She looked at him carefully. She had never dared to ask what kind of master and servant the Su family and the Lou family were. She was afraid that she would step on a landmine if she was not careful. Lou Gongzi's father had been walking with his father and elder brother when he was alive, and he didn't have much contact with me. It's just that this thing, it seems, can go deeper. "He paused,Magnesium Oxide price, stroking her cheek with his long fingers." It's hard to say. " She turned her upper body sideways and flickered her eyelashes. She had a palpitation and didn't know what she was up to. Second brother, find two books of the Spring Palace. There may be some in the study. There was a thunderclap in his brain, and for a moment the Sumerians thought they were hearing voices. She nudged him. "Go." 。