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"All right, explore again." As soon as Zhou Weiqing gave the order, the scout ran away quickly. Do not look down upon these scouts, they are the first to be equipped with congealed wings, and the cultivation is above the six beads of the body bead master. There are only three of them, but they are all powerful scouts. In this vast northern Xinjiang, if we can't get the news at the first time, then we may face a devastating disaster at any time. It's really coming. Send me an order to assemble the whole army. Zhou Weiqing gave a loud shout. The reaction of the matchless battalion was so quick that in almost a few minutes, all the soldiers were dressed and standing in front of Zhou Weiqing. The matchless battalion now has a total of 1500 men, but it is still ten squadrons, and there is no redistribution. Each squadron is equipped with one squadron leader, one deputy squadron leader and ten team leaders. At this time, ten neat rows stood in front of Zhou Weiqing. Among them, the first and second squadrons looked the toughest, but they were the first soldiers selected by Zhou Weiqing after he came here, and they were also the body bead division. Those who can enter these two squadrons all show strong strength and defeat many competitors. Their treatment is also the best. At this time, Shangguan Feier was fighting in front of the two squadrons, which, in addition to the squadron leader,smart board whiteboard, were also directly under her command. Ask for monthly tickets and recommended tickets. Please see the single chapter later. Not reconciled!!! It is by no means a happy feeling to always wander between exploding chrysanthemums and being exploded chrysanthemums. Let's pull away and don't get blown up again. Not reconciled! Brother code words for so many years, there are hemorrhoids ah! Beg monthly ticket, pull open a bit quickly, always be blown up otherwise chrysanthemum, haemorrhoid was made how to code a word still! I strongly request a monthly ticket. (To be continued, if you want to know how things are going, please visit the Chapter 145 Fast Wolf Division (middle). Chapter 145 Fast Wolf Division (middle). The other eight squadrons were equally neat and orderly,interactive boards for classrooms, and none of the soldiers showed cowardice or fear in their eyes, only excitement, bloodlust, desire and so on. [Read full text.] Not only Zhou Weiqing and the officers can see the penance of the matchless battalion these days, but also the soldiers themselves can see the continuous improvement of its overall strength. When they were able to hit a target five hundred yards away with their bows and arrows, they were already excited. When they began to have congealed bows one by one, their mood was filled with indescribable excitement when they saw the terrible power of the blasting or piercing skills attached to the congealed bows. Now the matchless camp, is no longer the original riffraff camp, although they are only 1500 people, but it is well-equipped, or even armed to the teeth of the elite. After a long period of accumulation, all 1,500 soldiers in the matchless battalion are now equipped with full-body light armor made of titanium alloy, including helmets and masks. This titanium alloy armor was named matchless armor by Zhou Weiqing. The total weight of a complete set of matchless armor is only 11 kilograms, 65 inch touch screen ,4k smart board, but its defensive power is still stronger than that of heavy armor. The joints of the matchless armor are flexible, and because of its light weight, it will not cause any burden at all for these warriors who all have the power of heaven. In addition to the matchless armor, Zhou Weiqing learned from the equipment of the heavy cavalry, for each soldier of the matchless battalion equipped with a small shield, this small shield is also customized, the edge is very sharp, the diameter is only eight inches, but, with the close combat skills taught to them by Shangguan Feier, this side is also made of titanium alloy. It can also be used as a weapon. At the same time, the soldiers of the first and second squadrons were equipped with four spears, which were carried behind their backs. Each spear is three feet six inches long, and it's obviously not used directly for close combat, but for throwing spears. Of the remaining eight squadrons, four were equipped with spears and four with sabers. In addition, everyone was carrying a long bow and four pots of arrows. The tips of these arrows are all triangular conical arrow clusters made of titanium alloy, which are extremely sharp and have enhanced penetration. Now that all the members have awakened to the original beads, all the soldiers in the matchless battalion have been equipped with congealed bows, except for a few people like Wei Feng who can no longer congeal other equipment and a few Italian bead divisions. Six squadrons of congealed bows have a blasting effect, and four squadrons of congealing bows have a penetrating effect. The reason why they still carry long bows is that their heavenly power can not always support them to continue archery. The longbow is used as a backup. Even so, the matchless battalion is also equipped with a rare hard bow in the barracks, they are the Royal Pearl Division, far from the strength of ordinary soldiers can be compared, even without the use of congealed bow, their effective killing distance can also be increased to 300 yards away, some particularly good soldiers can even directly attack to 400 yards. Wei Feng quickly ran to Zhou Weiqing and stood at attention. He gave him a military salute. "Report to the battalion commander. There are 1506 people in the matchless battalion. All of them are assembled. Please give instructions." Zhou Weiqing nodded to him, "Deputy Battalion Commander Wei, thanks for your hard work." At this time, Zhou Weiqing has also put on the whole body titanium alloy light armor, but in his armor has a special red lines, in order to distinguish. Zhou Weiqing took off his helmet, held it in his hand, and his calm eyes swept over the soldiers of the matchless battalion in front of him. Brothers of the matchless camp, do you remember? When I first came here, I issued several military rules, one of which was that when I met the enemy, I would never attack without absolute certainty, at least several times the strength of the enemy before I would fight. Because we should cherish our lives. I will not hide from you, next we are about to face, is the beast empire's swift wolf division, a division with ten thousand wolf cavalry. We only have fifteen hundred men, and we have to face ten thousand wolf cavalry. This strength comparison,smart board interactive whiteboard, it seems that we do not have an advantage, but I still want to take you to meet the enemy, do you know why this is? 。